USANA Palmetto Plus


Supplement to support overall health of the male physiology and function

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Palmetto Plus™ provides a comprehensive formulation providing powerful support to the male physiology in maintaining over-all health.

This comprehensive formulation combines saw palmetto with lycopene and soy isoflavones in a single product at a reasonable price.

  • Provides an advanced supplement providing immediate and long-term support for the male physiology
  • Furnishes a comprehensive, unique formulation of clinically proven saw palmetto, plus lycopene, and soy isoflavones
  • Contains all-natural botanical components, which are standardised extracts, guaranteed for purity and potencyPalmetto Plus is laboratory tested, quality guaranteed. Meets British Pharmacopoeia (BP) specifications for potency, uniformity and disintegration where applicable.USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.

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